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After attending the funeral of a judge she never met, Fiona Gavelle's picture appears in the newspaper and she is hired by a man who says he is being forced to live in a nursing home. The story leads to a dark emotional read about aging, freedom and revenge.

Meet Fiona Gavelle, a Chicago attorney, sometimes practices law in the backyard. Fiona sees red flags and enormous daisies with a new client who alternates between sweet and threatening. When her client calls for help and then disappears, Fiona tries to find her to help her. You have to read to the end to see what was disclosed at the cemetery and what they found in the mashed potatoes.

When the client calls for help, Fiona drives all over trying to find her. Accused of kidnapping, she learns a Nun was involved.

Her client, Dorothy is eventually located. The bitter truth comes out at the cemetery. You need to read the story to find out what was in the house, and in the mashed potatoes.

Fiona Gavelle wanted to cash a check and ended up with a closed door humorcide with a cast of amusing, if well meaning characters. Did she give her card to the murderer? How did Carole get into the vault? Stop by and laugh a little. Take a closer look at Father Gizzle, Mike the pizza guy, Mary Ann the pet store owner and more. Watch her as she tries to unravel what happened in the vault. The answer will make you worry.
This 62 page novella is designed to make you laugh while teaching a little about the law.

Fiona Gavelle expected fame, fortune and glory after law school. However she finds herself working in a dead end, dusty law office where she does more secretarial than lawyer work.
One snowy Chicago night, she learns she was fired from her miserable job and when her miserable husband doesn't support her plight, she walks out.
However, after attending the funeral of a man she only met once, her luck turns. She gets new office space, and is taken in by her favorite Aunt.
She struggles to prove the practice of law does not include car chases or running down the alley at midnight.
Join Fiona to see where she leads you.


This is a short collection of blogs about wills of the rich and famous, like Paul Newman, Elvis, JFK, Jr., Cary Grant, Shakespeare and Samuel Clemens.

The second part of the book contains excerpts from the Fiona Gavelle Mysteries!  All of them! 

Una Tiers is an attorney who writes mysteries to entertain and teach a little bit about the law. Yes, murdering annoying people relieves stress. Her stories incorporate humor and are often called humorcides.  Her books are available at  Click any cover to buy.