In her debut mystery, Una Tiers tells the tale of a murdered judge.

Fiona Gavelle had few realistic expectations when she graduated from law school.

She hated her first job in a dusty run down office.
One snowy Chicago night, she learns she was fired from her miserable job. Without an iota of support from her miserable husband, Fiona walks out.

Her luck changes at a funeral of a man she only saw once.
Fiona will entertain you although there are no car chases or running down the alley at midnight.
You will be entertained and learn a little about the law, in an entertaining way. Your friends will be impressed that you know the word humorcide.


In a dark story about seniors and the adult guardianship court, the seniors fight back.

After Fiona Gavelle attends a funeral of a judge she never met, her picture is in the newspaper.

That picture prompts her to be hired by a man who says he is being forced to live in a nursing home. The story leads to a dark emotional read about aging, freedom to make your own decisions and revenge. The story has a balance of humor so you won't check under the bed for someone with a gavel.


Dorothy Daisy is a reader's favorite as Fiona Gavelle meets with her new client in the backyard where enormous daisies grow.

When her client goes underground, the secrets in the attic surface.

More secrets are revealed at the graveyard.

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An author on the brink of success.Links

Fiona Gavelle went to cash a check and ended up involved with a murder.

Meet Mike the pizza guy, the fix it guy with a real moose head in his workroom and Mary Ann at the pet store.

Find out how Carol got into the vault.

Laugh with Fiona Gavelle when she learns how weird the practice of law really is.

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​LETTUCE READ WILLS is a short collection of blogs about wills of the rich and famous, like Paul Newman, Elvis, JFK, Jr., Cary Grant, Shakespeare and Samuel Clemens.

The second part of the book contains excerpts from the Fiona Gavelle Mysteries!  All of them!